Client Testimonials

"I can't believe how much the handwriting has changed my life and how much more aware it is making me. I am constantly faced with my own reflection and in that moment I get to choose who I want to be to recreate it. To recreate my pathways of being. It is the handwriting." - Eliana Ghen

"My life has forever been blessed and transformed with Transformational Handwriting.  I have implemented the Transformation Handwrting practice, in my life, since 2016, and friends and acquaitences alike, often ask me, "How in the world have you accomplished all that you have in just 2 years?" 

"Simply put, The Transormational Handwriting faciliated by Josephine Diamond and Issues In The Tissues works and it has literally helped me accelerate the realization of my highest and best potential." - Stephene Klein, MPH